There are a lot of beautiful spots ind Kep and round Kep. But you should be there at the right time to have the right light. If not - even the best camera or the best foto-software can not help you.

Since some years i take pictures in this beautiful area. If you like - I show you the rigt places at the right time!

You make the decision, what we will do.

Panoramarock in KEP, (start 05:00 a.m.) - afterwords we will have breakfast.

Pepper-plantage (start 08:00 a.m.)


train / railways to Phnom Penh

Watercave incl. bathing in clear water

Birds: Pond-Heron und Bee-eater

sunset at Mangroove-Forest

End about 07:00 p.m.

If you use a Nikon, you can rent from me:

1 Nikkor 200-500 mm, Gimbal, Tripod                 30 USD/day

1 Nikkor  70-200 mm, f2,8                                     30 USD /day


Please ask me per email


Or give me a WhattsApp call:    +49 173 2866663

Everyone should have his/her own motorbike (you can rent it in KEP, 5/6 USD / day) . Or you can ask me for a driver - he will take 30 USD/day - you pay him after the tour.

Whole day Foto-Tour Kep and round Kep

Whole day Foto-Tour Kep and round Kep

25,00 €

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